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Coaching for Business Results

Your Licensed Business Coach is trained in coaching and mentoring to assist you with the following areas (and more) as appropriate for you and your business to get the results you want:

  • Creating a systemised profitable business that gives you more life.
  • Marketing & sales
  • Leadership, team building & recruitment
  • Customer service
  • Systems, productivity and efficiency
  • Creating more free time for the owner
  • Cash flow improvement
  • Financial management, analysis and reporting
  • General business development and management
  • Goal setting & strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Learning the art of asking the right questions
  • Motivation, accountability & self discipline.
  • Realistic and achievable planning skills, and following your plans.
  • Implementation, getting things done, taking action


Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring sessions focus on your goals, develop strategies, and hold you accountable to them.

1. Alignment Consultation – half-day, one-on-one with your Coach

The Business “Alignment Consultation” initiates all of the coaching programs by educating and training the business owner in essential business-success concepts. It also clarifies where a business owner wants to go with their business & life, and discusses strategies to achieve those goals. You will need to complete business questionnaires for the Coach and provide up-to-date financial records beforehand. This process prepares the way for you to complete your first Action Plan.

2. Strategic Planning Session - one-on-one with your Coach

A Strategic Planning Session follows the Alignment Consultation as a half-day session for most of the coaching programmes It also starts off the coaching.

A Strategic Planning Session is essential to create the first of the on-going, 13-weekly Action Plans which are core to the coaching programs. Having established clear long and short term goals, you work with your Coach to decide the practical steps & strategies to get there.

The number and combination of the strategies that you implement during the program will depend on their size, complexity, and your abilities to undertake the workload involved, your goals and business needs. The appropriateness and priority of your strategies will have be identified and agreed by you and your Coach. You will create your simple 13 week Action Plan with his guidance.

3. Coaching Sessions – for all clients.

Your Licensed Coach will have weekly, fortnightly or monthly coaching sessions of between 45 minutes and 60 minutes duration, depending on the level of Program you select, as indicated in the coaching Program Summary.

Coaching sessions will be primarily by phone (and occasionally face-to-face).

Your Coach will provide you with knowledge, help you make decisions, take action, improve your performance & solve problems. Your Coach keeps you very accountable to closely following your Action Plans to ensure you implement your initiatives to achieve your goals and on time. Delivering targeted coaching for business results.