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What is GrowthCLUB?

GrowthCLUB is a one-day business workshop held every 3 months that provides you with business training, goal-setting, planning and motivation to get after your goals, and be way more productive and organised. Join other like-minded business owners and managers to share experiences and network and be inspired by other's stories.

The morning is spent on learning across a wide range of profit-generating, time enhancing and team-building ideas. The afternoon is devoted to producing a street-wise, do-able Action Plan.

At the end of a quarter, every winning team gets in the huddle to celebrate successes from the last quarter, and to reassess, strategize and refocus on the quarter ahead. Think of GrowthCLUB as your quarterly 'huddle' – we want you to walk back onto the playing field focused, in control and with a winning game plan.

You'll finally get some traction and progress on all those frustrating initiatives that
you're always struggling to get done and you need to achieve to get to your goals

Next GrowthCLUB Workshop - Thursday 7th May 2015 at 9.45 am to 4pm

At the Tauranga Yacht Club, Sulphur Point Marina, Cross Rd, Tauranga,

Growing your Business is a top priority for all of us.


So that’s the theme for our next GrowthCLUB workshop...

“Business Building”

At this GrowthCLUB training and planning workshop, you’ll get:


(1) Business Building Skills with Social Media marketing.

We’ve got Pauline Stockhausen - Social Media Strategist.


(2) Business Building sales  negotiating. Know it when you need it.

 Michael Carr will take us through some “must know” truths about negotiating.


(3) Business Building Selling Skills to go way beyond Features and Benefits.

Andrew Hollis will help us understand the “change formula” D x V + FS  > R.


On the day, you'll also get:

1. Powerful Training & Tools reminding you to lead your business and your life with confidence, clarity and power. We'll give you the tools to get focused, get a plan and get going.

2. Profit Proven Strategies to give you an unfair advantage. At GrowthCLUB, you'll hear clients sharing their winning strategies and their challenges from the last quarter.

3. A winning Game plan, purpose-built to set you up to win in 90 days. You'll have the confidence that comes with knowing what to do, and have a well-crafted, action-by-action plan to help you do it right. The afternnon is devoted to building a high-quality, practical 90 Day Action Plan for you and your business to actually get initiatives done.

Building Your Business Plan

The old adage says: "Plan your work and work your plan."

The ACTION Business Plan has been created as a tool for your business development and implementation. By putting earnest time and attention into your ACTION Plan, you will set your course for manifesting your life of abundance!

Remember people do not plan to fail, they fail to plan! So ensure your success by planning diligently ... You deserve it!

We send you a 90 Day Action Planning Workbook before the Workshop. If you've done this before, you understand the value of spending time on this prep work to better prepare yourself for GrowthCLUB. At the GrowthCLUB Workshop your Coach then guides you through how to create an Business Plan that is effective and will get you motivated.

It won't be one of those plans that gets buried in the drawer, or becomes irrelevant within weeks as things change, nor will it be demoralizing because it demands too much of you.

You'll be glad you did a great Action Plan, because it will make your next 90 Days that much more productive and purposeful!

What to Bring

You want to get everything you can out of the day, so please bring ...

  • Casual Clothes (this is a WORK DAY....wear whatever will help you get the work done! There will be no physical activities, so just wear what's comfortable)
  • Plenty of Business Cards
  • A Calculator, Pens / Pencils
  • Your Calendar, Day Timer, Planner, and your previous Action Plan if any, etc.
  • A great attitude and a hunger to learn the next tools for your business toolkit.
  • Your 112 page GrowthCLUB Workbook, which is sent to you beforehand so you can prepare for your planning session.


You Action Coach & Presenter

Hamish Carnie, M.B.A. , Master ActionCOACH Business Coach has coached 100's of businesses as a professional coach since 1999. He previously had started his own nation-wide business, been the G.M. of a corporate division and lead a highly successful team of business coaches in ActionCOACH.
Hamish and his client's have won several business awards.
See for his full profile.

"Our franchisees really enjoyed your "Profit Boosting" presentation at our NZ UltraScan franchise conference. You were a star!" Caren McDonald, Ultrascan.

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Every 13 weeks on 4th Thursday of February, May, August, and November. 9am to 4pm.


Tauranga venue; for business owners & managers & entrepreneurs from the wider Bay of Plenty, Auckland and Waikato


GrowthCLUB workshops are a very cost-effective way to get some training, coaching and to get organised. Includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea & your 112 page 90 Day Planning Workbook.

The full "GrowthCLUB"

Block of 4 x GrowthCLUB Workshops (A year's worth & you can start any time):

1st person $695 + GST – SAVE $205. Addition team members from same business $295 + GST each.

One Workshop:

First person $225 + GST. Addition team members from same business $95 + GST each.

"A fool with a plan can outsmart a genius with no plan" T. Boone Pickens