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Here's what a cross-section of client's from all types of business sectors say about how business-coaching from Hamish Carnie has benefited them.

Client Testimonials from Technology Businesses

Wendy & Glenn Thorley, Rennacs Ltd/Automotive Electronics Ltd, Software developers

Rennacs Ltd came runner-up out of 1450 entrants and won $53,000 in the Great New Zealand Business Venture business planning competition in 2000.

Re: Action Intemational Coach [Action International was rebranded as ActionCoach]

Hamish Carnie

Dear Investigator

Just over three months ago we recognised our business needed some serious marketing assistance, and fast. I rang every marketing company in our local Yellow Pages to investigate what they could do to make our product more attractive to customers. I had a long two hour conversation with Hamish Carnie and I explained; our product required marketing, sales were not sustaining our business, and our cashflow was negative. He must have made some sensible comments because I decided that we would like to meet with Hamish and we arranged an appointment two days later. In the interim he sent some written information, the Action International brochure and marketing tapes. I was particularly impressed with the comment in the brochure that Action International believed in a holistic approach.

Two days later we had a three hour meeting with Hamish. During that time I felt Action could offer us more than just a marketing fix-up that other companies were recommending. We felt we could benefit from being taught successful business and marketing skills.

Hamish very quickly highlighted to us that our business needed SALES so that we could continue in business, not product development or expensive product marketing that we believed.

In between signing up and our first coaching session Christmas fell, and the Christmas delay meant we were eager to begin a sales programme for our business.

We immediately began a phone-mall-phone campaign with a direct mail letter. Hamish taught us the basics of selling and we quickly put all our efforts into learning to tell so we could improve our cashflow fast. We soon realised thismethod wasted less time than cold calling and was far more productive. In December we had no sales, by February we had 5 sales in 1 week. Plus we increased our sell price, which gave us a healthier gross profit margin.

Only six weeks later our business bank account had savings, and we felt we had a method that we knew could sustain our business comfortably.

Our next step was to create a team that would help to generate income for our business and release us from one of our many roles. We advertised in the situations vacant with an Action International method and despite challenges because of the nature of our industry we finally succeeded in selecting the perfect team member.

Hamish has constantly encouraged us to be aware of our personal life goals and make our business goals fit accordingly. This focus has been invaluable to us, particularly as our natural tendency has been to deny our personal life goals and focus solely on our business.

If we had chosen not to accept the assistance and services of Action International three months ago we would have borrowed money to 'develop' our product. This would have been detrimental for ourselves and our business. We are grateful and relieved we made the right choice.

Yours sincerely

Wendy Thorley

PS. We can testify that Action International has contributed immeasurably to our business. We operate a more professional business, and a financially more successful business. PLUS we are beginning to have MORE LIFE. I would recommend any small business investigating Action International to accept their services irrespective of how 'successful' the business owner believes their business is. Action International will make it better and you'll be happier.

Mike Bradley, 1stPageProphets, Search Engine Optimisation, London, UK.

Re: Business Coaching from Hamish Carnie

I had been self-employed for about 18 months, and was finding myself uncertain as to what was the next step in terms of growing from self-employed to a fully-fledged business. As motivated and disciplined as I am, I had found that when you only have yourself to answer to in terms of the direction and pace of growth of your business, it was easy to let myself off the hook. Add to that, this was my first business after leaving regular employment and thus doing many business-related tasks for the first time, and so wanted the benefit of guidance from "someone who had been there, done that".

I wasn't particularly sceptical about using a business coach, as I had already read a few of Brad Sugars' books and also about the ACTION coaching system and was sure that an ACTION business coach was the person to help me get to the next level. I was a bit unsure how the time zone difference would work out, and also how long before the increase in revenues would pay for the coaching.

Working with Hamish is fantastic. He has the right balance between good humour and understanding, and holding me accountable for tasks and projects that I agree to complete. As he is an experienced business owner himself and has coached many other business owners, I know I get a huge wealth of experience.

The business revenue has grown over 300% in less than a year, the business is far more profitable and I am much more efficient and well organised. I also now feel like I am a business owner rather than someone who was playing at it previously!

I would unreservedly recommend Hamish's coaching services. He is the best investment I make in my business and personal growth every month. I feel totally confident in the direction my business is going and Hamish is definitely an integral part of my success team. Give him a call to discuss your business, you will be glad you did!

Mike Bradley
London, UK

Client Testimonials from Retail Businesses

Christene Pryor, U-Name-It Embroidery, Clothing retailer & commercial embrioderer

“Sales for Aug last year compared to the month of Aug this year have increased 352%. We’re now targeting a different market and we’re a lot more confident about what we’re doing”

Mike Chambers, Happy Micks Fishing and Camping, Darwin, Australia, Fishing & camping retailer

We are thrilled to report that after only eighteen months of intensive coaching, the business has turned around, transformed from a cot case to a thriving little honey pot with a net profit contribution approaching 25%, and sales about to double.
We are of the older generation, and Hamish Carnie was able to coax us onto the right path using modern technology despite the gap in years and our lack of expertise.
We would highly recommend Hamish and the ActionCoach program to any small, medium, or large business seeking to grow and put the “thrill” back into the balance sheet.
Alison Clark, Tickles Child Care

““Did you ever dream of the business running without you so you could choose to go to the beach instead? Well I did and I accomplished it by signing up with ActionCOACH Hamish Carnie.

I went from 60 hours per week down to 2-8 hours and I have the freedom to chose whether I do more or not. And I doubled my profit at the same time. The stress has disappeared and “work” is now fun because I’m doing what I enjoy doing and letting others do the rest (what they enjoy and are good at). It has been really exciting to see the growth of my team both personally and professionally since I stepped back and provided strong leadership and support.

What was really great about Hamish’s coaching is he supported and encouraged me through the changes and set me straight when I needed it. He taught me what I needed when I needed it. I have learnt skills that can transfer to any business venture I might get involved in.”

So if you fancy lying on the beach instead of stressing long hours at work, or if you want to increase your income to improve your lifestyle you’d better sign up with Hamish today”.

Joan Hayman, Budget Travel, Travel agent

“THANK YOU so much for all your support and encouragement. The smartest thing I ever did was attend your seminar and make the decision to enlist you as my business coach. You’re great and I really appreciate the effort you go to get me back on track." Sept 99

“The business is going ahead & a lot of it thanks to your guidance. I may not convey it right now but I am rapt about what I’ve learnt & how far I've gone in changing things here. I know we are only on the tip of what you can teach us & am excited about where we can go” Dec 99

Testimonials from Services Sector

Hank Meerkerk, N.Z. Welding School, Training provider and manufacturer

We started running our welding and computer-aided draughting school in Sept 99 and have been going for 9 months now. We felt it best to take on business advice from the beginning and sourced a suitable business adviser. Action were recommended by the Chamber of Commerce. We were looking for both marketing & systems advice.

We took on our Action Business Coach, Hamish Carnie, straight from the start. Our business has grown enormously. We’ve now reached our maximum potential here and are now looking to expand to other areas.

Last year we started off with a profit forecast, but as soon as we got Hamish involved we decided to double our forecast. We’re already well over that forecast again by two-and-a-half times on turnover and profits are even higher. Now we run a really profitable business.

We have learnt how to market and make advertising work. We were staggered by the success and responses we have received from our advertising when guided by Action. Not so long ago we hit the jackpot with an ad, it was phenomenal! We got snowed under, we had people literally queuing up. You can’t do that unless you get someone who knows what they’re doing, like Hamish.

And I’ve also got more spare time than I used to have when I was working for someone else.

If you want to succeed and grow your business then my advice is get a coach. It might cost you a few more dollars but you’ll get your money back ten times over. I think Action is the place to go, they know everything about what should be done.”

Testimonials from Manufacturing Client

Wayne Manson , Multifit Hospital Supplies, Manufacturer of disability aids

“Would you agree that ‘ time is the most valuable asset that we all have?’ I believe that it is. And therefore to make the most efficient use of my time, by learning to fill in the gaps in my business education, is to me, the fastest way to succeed.

It’s been great having a coach for the last five months. I have been on lots of business skills courses prior to the ACTION Mentoring Program, and the major difference in working with Hamish Carnie (my ACTION coach), has been the tailoring of these skills to my business situation and then the action (implementation) of the of skills into my business.

I think of Hamish as a member of my team, along with my accountant, banker, lawyer, contactors etc. What I get from Hamish is a mixture of good tried and true advise and lots of new and fresh ideas that work great and that I have not seen anyone else use before.

‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ - cheap advice is exactly that. When I first looked at the Mentoring Program it looked expensive, but from the inside looking out, its the best money I have ever spent. Sales are up by over $3000.00 per month since I started and the things that I have learnt and expect to learn, will ensure that I will enjoy strong sustainable growth in the future.

Since working with Hamish he is now able to spend more time over-viewing and fine tuning performance. The trend is upward and the cost of coaching is easily recovered as an investment. Also the skills learned are readily redeployed in any future business.”

Testimonials from Trades Clients

Cheryl & Greg Standring, In Harmony Landscapes

Greg & I had no idea how good things would get when we took Hamish Carnie on as our business coach. With his help we have expanded our vision not only for our business but also for ourselves personally.

Last winter we struggled to find enough work to keep our business alive, this winter however with our marketing strategies in place, Greg is spending two days per week just doing quotes. We tried our own direct mail letter before we employed Hamish with the results of 150 mail-outs producing 2 leads. Using the Action COACH system we sent out 140 mail-outs and produced 29 leads, which Hamish taught us to convert into sales. That’s 14 times better.

Thanks Hamish, it’s not always easy but it's definitely worth every dollar we've invested.